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The Single Parent Endurance Athlete

Swim Run Verdon

As most non-professional athletes will agree, finding time to train effectively can be a challenge by itself. You have to work of course, family time is important, and without some semblance of a social life you would probably go insane. Now, add into the mix a little one too and you’ve now got a real juggling act to maintain. Continue reading

Successful Parental Relationship after Separation

parents arguing in front of child

A challenging topic to broach, I know, but I would like to take the opportunity to share my experiences to hopefully help any of you out there in a difficult situation. To begin with, there was no shady situations that caused the family to break apart, but that by no means meant that we weren’t both incredibly upset with so many questions bouncing about in our heads as to what happened and the effect it may have on Junior.

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Baby Sleep Tips for Bedtime

Sleeping baby girl

This post is born of an idea I had, tweeting sleep tips on how to make bedtime as painless for Junior, and you parents alike. Some may be obvious, but there are  also tried and tested, not so obvious, gems. I will also be updating this post with more baby sleep tips, and of course, we’d love to hear of any methods that prove effective for you.

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