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Changing Bags for Men?!

Let’s face it, there is nothing more unmanly than taking Junior out and about with a changing bag that is plastered with floral prints, or even ‘yummy mummy’ slogans, but where are the changing man bags? Not that I would want ‘delicious dad’ or cars, beer, football or any other stereotypical pattern all over them, but they seem to be predominantly designed with women only in mind.

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Family Glamping at Port Lympne Elephant Lodge

Port Lympne Elephant Lodge Restaurant

Rating of 4/5

Well, not only was this a special birthday surprise, but an incredibly enjoyable one at that. ‘Five star’ glamping at the wonderfully presented, Port Lympne Elephant Lodge, deep in the heart of Kent, UK.

Upon arrival (late morning), we parked up and made our way to the entrance and were told that with our booking comes the unlimited access to both the Port Lympne, and Howletts Wild Animal Parks. Even as a day trip, these parks alone are well worth the visit – I’m not sure who loved the animals more, us or Junior! Continue reading

Swimming with Junior (Part One)


Baby swimming - new-dads.com

Of all the things that are magical about being a father, taking your baby swimming is up there with the best of them. The nervous anticipation you feel as junior experiences that first dip, and the quivering at the thought of them positively hating it. Add some rather poorly versed nursery rhymes into this surreal mix and you’ve got a hell of a half hour ahead of you. Continue reading