Mobi Wrap Review

Mobi Wrap
Overall 2/5
Awkward, Non-Practical

Now the Mobi Wrap was something I was very excited to try. After having heard so much excitement about this product, I could only be expecting amazing things, right?

 Wrong. Once it was in my possession and unwrapped to it’s full length, the daunting prospect of what loomed ahead was becoming very apparent.

Practicality 1/5

There are a multitude of tying methods depending on your frame, baby, and co-ordination. It takes up very little space so storage is good plus point. However, even with a sleeping baby I found it awkward to tie – even with the ‘simple’ instructions, which I feel had been oversimplified to convey the suggested simplicity of the product. Not one method felt secure enough and it didn’t fill me with confidence that junior would be safe.

Value for Money 2/5

At close to £40 it’s not a cheap product. Considering what it is (let’s face it a long piece of material), this does seem quite a high price, and from our experience it’s a ‘2 man job’ to get baby wrapped up in it safely (and we all know time is precious!).

Baby Satisfaction 3/5

I would give the Mobi Wrap an average score for baby satisfaction as junior wasn’t screaming to get out, (nor old enough to possess an opinion to the contrary).

Spare a thought for my other half who is extremely petite – to say she got herself tied in a knot is an understatement……

One thought on “Mobi Wrap Review

  1. I completely share your view on the impractical nature of this thing!

    It’s so long that at least one end always trails on the floor when putting it on/off which means that when you’re out and about it’s sure to get dirty – especially in wet weather. And you can’t exactly take it on/off quickly either!

    On a safety note, I found that it was always a pot shot when it came to finding the right fold to ‘drop’ the baby. Either I or my wife were on standby ready to catch the littl’un in case she fell right through. As you say – definitely a two person job!

    My wife preferred it more than I did (easily done…I hate it) and our girls were literally somewhere between the two of us. I couldn’t breathe when wearing the thing as it was too tight…any looser and again…baby drop.

    To give it credit – it’s a perfect piece of marketing…an awful lot of cash for a strip of cloth and a patronising instruction booklet explaining how your baby wants to crawl back into the womb.

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