Maxi-Cose Axiss Front-Facing Travel Seat Review

Maxi Cose Car Seat

Overall 4/5

Safe, secure, user-friendly

Overall, the Maxi-Cose travel seat is a great product. Although a little fiddly to get installed it is easy to get junior in and out without having to reach right into the car as you would with traditional car seats.

Safety 4/5

This travel seat appears very secure indeed. It boasts side impact protection, 5-point, 1-pull safety harness and 3-way adjustable shoulder straps to make sure junior is safe and secure.

Practicality 4/5

Fastening the heavy seat panel using the seatbelt is a little tricky, but once in place, the seat is very secure and if you’re in the position of never needing to remove it then this is the product for you indeed. It can be situated behind driver or passenger side by adjusting the belt-tensioner in the back panel, and the seat spins around to face the door to make it easy to get junior strapped into it before turning it to face the front and locked in place for your journey. However, should you find yourself in the position of having to remove it at all, the process can become tedious and a little awkward. With that said, with practice it can be done quicker and you’ll learn the most appropriate way for the seatbelt to be secured around the base of the unit.

The adjustable recline positions, while great for junior, cause some discomfort for the tall  passengers as it shifts the seat forward resulting in the front seat also needing to  be moved forward, so worth trying out before purchasing.

Lastly, the seat cover is removable to make the inevitable cleaning a far lesser task that you would have without this feature.

Value for Money 5/5

Heavily reduced from £225 to £164 at Kiddicare, the Maxi-Cose travel Seat is an absolute steal.

Baby Satisfaction 5/5

As for junior, well there is plenty of room and it’s comfortable. Well padded, secure and with wide strap covers to prevent friction, this is a big ‘win’ situation. The straps tighten easily without causing distress while allowing plenty of freedom of movement to keep junior happy when playing. And for when junior needs a well earned nap, there  recline positions come in very handy. What more could you ask for.

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