Changing Bags for Men?!

Let’s face it, there is nothing more unmanly than taking Junior out and about with a changing bag that is plastered with floral prints, or even ‘yummy mummy’ slogans, but where are the changing man bags? Not that I would want ‘delicious dad’ or cars, beer, football or any other stereotypical pattern all over them, but they seem to be predominantly designed with women only in mind.

I just find this extremely surprising in this day and age where there are an increasing number of SAHD’s (according to the Pew Research Center the number of stay at home dads has quadrupled over the last 25 years), but what about weekends and holidays?! Dad’s need to use the bag too!

So we took it upon ourselves to do a bit of research and see who offers bags for all genders, and this is what we have come up with:

Premium Range (We can all dream…)

Sydney in Charcoal

PacaPod Sydney Design

OiOi Changing Bag - The Messenger - Jungle Leather Satchel

OiOi Changing Bag – The Messenger – Jungle leather Satchel


Mid Range

Stokke Changing Bag Xplory Dark Navy

Stokke Changing Bag Xplory – Dark Navy

DayTripper Baby Changing Bag

Bababing! Day Tripper Deluxe Paternity Satchel – City Black


Best Budget Buys

Caboodle Classic Changing Bag - Black

Caboodle Classic Changing Bag, Black 

Bebemon Urban Xl Changing Bag (Passion Red)

Bebemon Urban Xl Changing Bag (Passion Red)


We also asked a few dads what they thought, and out of all of the bags around, the one that got the biggest thumbs up if the free one you get with the Parenting Club from Boots! So sign up now if you haven’t already, and try it out!

They might not be in the shop windows, or promoted as much as the more ‘feminine’ change bags we see everywhere, but there are quite a few fairly decent bags for men out there, the only thing  you have to work on now is persuading your better half that flowers, cupcakes and polka dots are just not going to match your Daddy Daycare outfit…

Let us know what you think, or if you recommend a brand in particular and we will share your feedback with our readers – let’s share the man bag love!

Big Daddy

One thought on “Changing Bags for Men?!

  1. Loved this post.

    It’s nice to see some of these bags without the floral type prints, which can be a bit off-putting for us rugged manly men. Ha! Even my wife is not a fan of those.

    We didn’t go for the very expensive one, but off the back of this, we ended up going for this:

    A bit cheaper and different style, but we loved the idea of the separate pods for changing and feeding, also this one is a backpack style, which my wife thought is a much better solution.

    Great stuff.

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