Angelcare Baby Movement Sensor Pad and Sound Monitor Review

Angelcare baby monitor

Overall 4/5

Easy to install, good range, very responsive

No word of a lie, this Angelcare baby monitor has been one of the best baby products we have bought to date. I can hardly imagine a world without it and strongly recommend that any new parent or parent to be invest in one, for junior’s safety and your own sanity.

Durability & Responsiveness 4/5

We found it to be pretty hard wearing considering there are a few different components to it. It’s been on a good few holiday trips and packs up quite easily. With this in mind perhaps it should come with a travel bag, but a minor point considering. We leave the monitor charging all day which gives it a good 10 hours of battery life, so there’s no need to keep moving the base unit when you go to bed.

It is a very responsive baby monitor, with a very wide range of up to 120 meters that unless you live in a castle should suit your needs. There is also a range indicator on the display to help visualise this.

It boasts a number of sensitivity settings and also gives you the ability to remove the sensor pad should you wish. This we found especially useful as the actual range of the movement sensor pad is quite small, and junior tended to roll out of the zone once mobility had been mastered, which set off the alarm. Quite an experience when that happens. And equally, when we decided to disconnect the movement sensor it was a real nail-biter, but after a few nights we relaxed and began to trust both our instincts and the equipment.

Practicality 3/5

There are a number of different frequencies to prevent interference from other devices and baby monitors for extra security. The monitor comes with a belt clip for those of you on the go with your hands full. Perfect for when gardening for example, unless you have acres of land and go out of range that is.

We initially  found that changing the settings on the monitor were quite tricky, and not terribly intuitive, but with patience and a will to succeed, we figured it out. (We won’t admit that we spent the first few weeks with the intermittent ‘beep’ noise every 5 seconds as we thought that meant it was working…..)

Value for Money 5/5

For what you get, including peace of mind, this 2 in 1 baby monitor is great value for money. We bought ours at Kiddicare over a year ago, but you can now buy your own for less for £64.

Baby Satisfaction 5/5

Now, even when the monitor has gone off, and it’s a pretty loud alarm, we’ve shot into the nursery expecting the worst, but fortunately we have been greeted by a beautifully peaceful baby, snuffling away. It’s also given junior something to fiddle with so extra points for that!

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3 thoughts on “Angelcare Baby Movement Sensor Pad and Sound Monitor Review

  1. We have this monitor too and agree with your review, it’s great, and also easy to take away for nights in hotels, grandparents etc and holidays.
    Really good value for money.

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