November 15, 2013

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Canal Toys Launches Anti-Bacterial Slime

2021-04-08 08:15:00 admin
Play & Clean Anti-bacterial slime for kids

This unique product, the first of its kind in the market offers a breakthrough in child's hand sanitising. Throughout 2020 you’ve seen a greater focus on hygiene than ever before, children have been encouraged in school, at home and when they are out to regularly hand sanitise.

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The Gro-Clock For Children's Sleep Training

2016-11-08 11:48:10 admin
Gro Clock Long before the clock was invented, us humans used to wake when the sun came up, and sleep when it went dark. Well, this simple concept has been digitised into a neat little package, namely the Gro-Clock by The Gro Company.
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Wahaka Southbank London Restaurant Review

2014-08-16 16:11:35 admin
Wahaka restaurant in South bank Centre London


Our trip to Wahaka Southbank was a spontaneous and well deserved treat  as Junior slowly woke from an afternoon nap during a stroll along the South Bank of the Thames.
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Changing Bags for Men?!

2014-07-14 11:47:55 admin
Let's face it, there is nothing more unmanly than taking Junior out and about with a changing bag that is plastered with floral prints, or even 'yummy mummy' slogans, but where are the changing man bags? Not that I would want 'delicious dad' or cars, beer, football or any other stereotypical pattern all over them, but they seem to be predominantly designed with women only in mind.
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Maxi-Cose Axiss Front-Facing Travel Seat Review

2014-06-30 11:37:31 admin
Maxi Cose Car Seat

Overall 4/5

Safe, secure, user-friendly
Overall, the Maxi-Cose travel seat is a great product. Although a little fiddly to get installed it is easy to get junior in and out without having to reach right into the car as you would with traditional car seats.
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Family Glamping at Port Lympne Elephant Lodge

2014-06-03 11:48:10 admin

Port Lympne Elephant Lodge Restaurant

Rating of 4/5

Well, not only was this a special birthday surprise, but an incredibly enjoyable one at that. 'Five star' glamping at the wonderfully presented, Port Lympne Elephant Lodge, deep in the heart of Kent, UK. Upon arrival (late morning), we parked up and made our way to the entrance and were told that with our booking comes the unlimited access to both the Port Lympne, and Howletts Wild Animal Parks. Even as a day trip, these parks alone are well worth the visit - I'm not sure who loved the animals more, us or Junior!
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Angelcare Baby Movement Sensor Pad and Sound Monitor Review

2014-04-25 13:52:14 admin
Angelcare baby monitor

Overall 4/5

Easy to install, good range, very responsive
No word of a lie, this Angelcare baby monitor has been one of the best baby products we have bought to date. I can hardly imagine a world without it and strongly recommend that any new parent or parent to be invest in one, for junior's safety and your own sanity.
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Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot Review

2014-03-21 12:07:21 admin
Mothercare bassinette travel cot
Overall 4/5
Spacious, Safe, User-friendly
We were fortunate for this to be given to us as a gift by a parent who knew it would come into it's own, and it has done just that on many an occasion. Gift on not, this product is well worth adding to your arsenal.
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Mobi Wrap Review

2014-02-19 08:30:47 admin
Mobi Wrap
Overall 2/5
Awkward, Non-Practical
Now the Mobi Wrap was something I was very excited to try. After having heard so much excitement about this product, I could only be expecting amazing things, right?
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Mamas and Papas Sola Pushchair Review

2013-12-29 20:39:34 admin
Mamas & Papas Sola Pushchair  

Overall rating 4/5

Durable, Safe, User friendly
The Mamas & Papas Sola Travel System is an excellent product. It is safe, versatile, comfortable and the variety of designs makes it very compatible with most aesthetic tastes.
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