The Perils of Potty Training

Toddler with Potty Training Rewards Book

We’ve reached that dreaded milestone in Junior’s life where the nappies are off! It’s potty training time… Remarkably liberating for the budding naturist to be running around naked. Toddlers love it, and, it has to be said, a cost saving on less nappies being required. There is an unavoidable and unpleasant flip side to this of course. One that should be brim-full of patience, encouragement and a very sharp eye, as any deposits that find anything but the receptacle in question, should not be stepped on, sat in, or any other way engaged with by accident.

When to begin potty training?

When the time comes that your toddler shows some of the following signs, it’s time to begin with their potty training.

  1. Junior shows awareness of having done either a wee or a poo.
  2. Your toddler stays dry for over two hours at a time.
  3. Junior asks to go to the toilet, or use the potty.
  4. There is regularity to when Junior goes to the toilet.
  5. Your toddler is able to put on some of their clothes on without help.
  6. Your toddler understands and is able to follow simple instructions.
Checklist for potty training
1. Potty training essentials
  • A potty
  • Potty seat, for the toilet
  • A step so they can reach the toilet seat
  • Pull-up nappies, or if you’re feeling brave, pants. lots of pants…
  • Handy wipes in multiple accessible places for Junior
  • A very sharp eye
  • Lots of patience
2. Consistency

No, not of the generous gifts you are to be bestowed, but consistency in potty training itself. Junior is more likely to settle into it if they believe it is something that has to be done.

3. Make it fun

Reward junior with stickers, and endure them nothing but a bottomless amount of praise when there is even a small success. There are plenty of potty training books for Junior to enjoy, so encourage them to engage with these as part of the routine. Above all else, remember to encourage and reward Junior for their efforts. Huge praise will in itself be a reward for both you and your toddler.

Good luck…

Big Daddy

Photo accreditation:Abigail Batchelder (flickr)

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