Stay Safe on Halloween


Halloween is a really fun time for children, allowing them to dress up in funny or scary costumes. Follow these 10 tips to ensure that you and your children enjoy the magic of halloween.

  1. Be safe when crossing the streets taking extra care with all traffic, including cars parking
  2. Take a torch with you
  3. Check that any costumes and  accessories being worn are flame resistant
  4. Test any make-up before slathering it all over your little one’s face to make sure they do not have an adverse reaction to it
  5. Walk in groups where possible
  6. Stay in familiar areas
  7. Only visit homes with lights on
  8. Remind children NEVER to go inside the houses of strangers. This also applies to cars
  9. Check your child’s sweets, avoiding homemade treats, and discard anything that has already been opened
  10. Stay away from any naked flames

Be safe, and have fun!

-Big Daddy

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