Preventing & Clearing Nappy Rash

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Most babies develop a nappy rash at some stage , and this can range in severity from mild discomfort to extremely sore and painful, making Junior a very unhappy bunny indeed. But don’t fret as it can be prevented and, if it appears, usually cleared within a few days to bring a smile back to baby’s by following the steps below.

  • Changing the nappy frequently In an ideal world this should be as soon as it is either wet or soiled, but we all know how difficult that can be sometimes. Minimising the skin contact with these expulsions will greatly reduce the eventuality of nappy rash.
  • Leaving the nappy off as often as possible, letting fresh air get to this usually confined area is also very beneficial. We all know how random the ablutions can be so we’re not suggesting you leave baby in the bath, but instead, place them on a towel or something equally absorbent, changing it if it becomes soiled or wet to keep baby comfortable. And if junior is mobile  then it is highly likely that you will be clearing up the odd patch, which is a small price to pay for their comfort.
  • Clean well after a nappy change with either baby wipes or cotton wool and warm (pre-boiled) water.
  • Keep them dry before putting on a fresh nappy on. Obvious but can sometimes be overlooked.
  • Barrier creams such as Sudocrem (which also possesses healing property to sooth enflamed skin), or alternative light barrier creams will reduce the chance of nappy rash taking hold.
  • Loose clothing will help prevent moisture being in constant contact with the skin.

Sometimes the inflamed skin of a rash becomes infected. This may be suspected if the rash becomes worse, despite using the above treatments. If this is the case, then you should take your baby to a doctor for a prescription of the most appropriate form of treatment.

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