Hospital Man Bag

Hospital Man Bag

Here is a list of item that should be in your bag in readiness for a possible good few days away from home. By all means elaborate according to your needs, but consider this a basic survival kit to be built upon.

For You:

  •  Clean pants (you never know how long you will be there)
  • Full change of clothes advisable
  • Mobile phone and Charger
  • Deodorant
  • Money – and lots of it preferably in loose change (hospital car parks* can be expensive and you need endless money in case the only option of a hot drink is a vending machine)
  • Drinks and snacks – essential for you as well as your partner, she needs you to be strong and alert
  • Hand held fan or flannel you can use to keep your partner cool
  • Bendy straws to aid your partner when she needs a drink and her hands are too busy crushing yours to hold a glass
  • Swim shorts in case you are having a water birth and you are thinking of diving in

* It’s worth checking to see if there is a car park pass if your partner is in active labour, could save you a fortune and  take away the unnecessary stress of running back and forth to the car park

For Baby:

  •  3 or 4 sleep suits (we only packed 2 and I had to do a mad dash to buy more – which were completely the wrong size…)
  • All in one going home outfit suitable for whatever season you are in
  • Scratch mits
  • Hat
  • Blanket
  • Nappies (and lots of them – newborn size should be fine unless you have inside information on the size of  your baby)
  • Nappy bags
  • Jacket or snowsuit for sure if it is Winter
  • Car seat – you won’t be allowed to leave without it!
  • Cotton wool (you only need cotton wool and water for the first couple of weeks)
  • Muslin squares

For Mum:

No need to worry about that as she’ll have that sorted.

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