Baby Sleep Tips for Bedtime

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This post is born of an idea I had, tweeting sleep tips on how to make bedtime as painless for Junior, and you parents alike. Some may be obvious, but there are  also tried and tested, not so obvious, gems. I will also be updating this post with more baby sleep tips, and of course, we’d love to hear of any methods that prove effective for you.

SLEEP TIP #01: Avoid bringing baby into your bed. She’ll take up a lot of space & will likely fall asleep. You, will most likely not get any…

SLEEP TIP #02: Make sure that baby doesn’t need changing.

SLEEP TIP #03: Cradle junior in your arms, and slowly turn 180* clockwise, then 90* anticlockwise. Repeat until asleep.

SLEEP TIP #04: Ensure that baby is not too hot, or too cold.

SLEEP TIP #05: Place books under legs at one end of cot so that junior’s head is angled higher than his feet.

SLEEP TIP #06: Busy yourself outside junior’s room so he can hear you. It’ll help with separation anxiety.

SLEEP TIP #07: A humidifier could help if you have a hot & stuffy home environment, especially during winter months.

SLEEP TIP #08: Oil your door hinges. You don’t want all that hard work ruined in a single swing.

SLEEP TIP #09: Know the signs your baby is dropping off. ‘Slow blinking’ shows you’re on the home straight!

SLEEP TIP #10: Don’t be afraid to use Calpol, but do not deviate from the instructions.

SLEEP TIP #11: Newborn not sleeping in crib? Place worn t-shirt near baby’s head. Familiar sent will make more comfortable.

SLEEP TIP #12: While cradling baby in your arms, angle them so that his head is slightly lower than shoulders.

SLEEP TIP #13: Learn baby’s ‘sleep cues’ so you can get her settled at exactly the right time.

SLEEP TIP #14: Establish a ‘bedtime routine’ to familiarise baby with what’s to come, with no surprises…

SLEEP TIP #15: Place yourself in the most awkward position possible while cuddling junior. They should drop straight off.

SLEEP TIP #16: Read a favourite bedtime story in soft tones to make her nice and calm her before you placing her in her cot.

SLEEP TIP #17: White noise is a great backing track for a good nights sleep. You might even want to try it yourself…

SLEEP TIP #18: Black out blinds to block out unwanted brightness. Neighbours security light triggered by Mr Urban Fox for example.

SLEEP TIP #19: Newborns. Create a sleepiness scale from 1 – 10 (10 is fast asleep) says Kim West, author of Good Night, Sleep Tight, & lay baby in cot on around 7 or 8.

SLEEP TIP #20: Clear the floor of hazards. Don’t undo all that hard work by stepping on a squeaky toy as you tiptoe from baby’s bedroom…

SLEEP TIP #21: Keep a bottle of water handy if your toddler wakes during the night, to prevent a trip down to the kitchen.

SLEEP TIP #22: Your baby has a favourite pacifier? Ante up, and buy more of them. You can never have too many.

SLEEP TIP #23: Invest in a video monitor so you can watch over and talk to baby with little effort.

SLEEP TIP #24: Give you toddler a snack shortly before bedtime to ensure they don’t wake at night from hunger.

SLEEP TIP #25: Place small rolled up towels either side in Moses basket to stop baby from rolling over..

SLEEP TIP #26: Room temperature should be moderate. Either too hot or cold could prevent baby from reaching comfort in cot/ bed.

SLEEP TIP #27: If your breast-fed baby is not drifting off, monitor your caffeine intake. Includes tea & fizzy drinks.

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