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Out And About With Baby

father with baby

These first tentative adventures once you’ve built up the courage are awash with many an emotion; excitement, concern, self-doubt, but ultimately, pride. Pride in exploring the world with your new baby, in showing him or her off to the world, and moulding their ever absorbent minds in the best way you know how, by pointing things out while trying not to plough into things as you stare all ‘goo-goo eyed’ at your little slumbering offspring in the pram as you walk. Continue reading

Changing a Nappy


Man holding a full nappy with tongs

Many fathers will have joked about purposely changing the nappy wrong so they don’t get asked to do it again, or making sure they are busy when the time comes, but in reality, there’s nothing to it. You’re used to getting dirty in the garden or garage or wrapped around the back of the toilet with some urgent plumbing, right? This is no different. Think of it as a quick and very necessary brownie point win. There could be a pint down the local in it for you…

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