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Dealing with Tiredness and Sleep Deprivation with a Baby

Parent asleep beside baby

You’ve never fully understood the true value of sleep until it has largely been removed from your life. Dealing with a new baby requires you to considerably adjust your entire life with Junior at it’s core. You need to be razor sharp to ensure that you are able to give her the best possible care, ensure the safety of the environment in which she will grow, and not to mention your own constant anticipation and learning. Continue reading

Baby Sleep Tips for Bedtime

Sleeping baby girl

This post is born of an idea I had, tweeting sleep tips on how to make bedtime as painless for Junior, and you parents alike. Some may be obvious, but there are  also tried and tested, not so obvious, gems. I will also be updating this post with more baby sleep tips, and of course, we’d love to hear of any methods that prove effective for you.

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