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September 29, 2013

Welcome to New Dads! First of all let me congratulate you on becoming a new dad. Whether your bundle has already arrived or is cooking nicely in the oven, this will be the most life changing experience for both you and your partner, and I’m here to help you through any hard times and answer any questions that you might not dare to ask anyone else.

It can be a very challenging time for you both, but know that you are not alone – there are very few couples who breeze through birth and the early days without a glitch, but take comfort in knowing that it DOES get easier and each day becomes more and more exciting as your little one grows.

If you are in a couple, try to work as a team, you need each other more than ever now, and you need to back each other’s corner. This is so important in the early years, if there is any feeling that one parent is in more control than the other, or that there is unrest in the camp, these clever little babies will pick up on it.

I will be dishing out advice to dads from a momma’s point of view – which you might not always like but trust me, it will help you in the long run.

If you have any questions you want to ask me, fire away at and I will respond on my page. Nothing is too much for me (although we may not be able to  publish it depending……) All names will be changed to protect the innocent ;) .

For now, I will leave you with one huge tip – under no circumstances should you enter into the argument of ‘who is more tired’! This is the number one complaint we hear from all couples, but take Big Momma’s advice, the answer is simple – THE MOMMA ALWAYS WINS!!!!

Big Love,

Big Momma

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