The One Armed Bandit


Now, being a bloke you consider yourself able to adapt quickly to any given situation, quickly assess the problem and then provide a quick and appropriate solution. Let’s take for example, making a man-sized butty. Conjure up a delicious creation in your mind, obtain the ingredients, make the sandwich, eat and enjoy your mouth-watering creation. Easy right…?

Now try it with one hand firmly stuffed down the back of your trousers. Outside of the pants please… Step one, nothing changes there. Locating and acquiring the delicious fillings is a little more time consuming unless you have a giant hands. As for spreading the butter, well, let’s just say that the thick white slice looks much more like a bagel that it once did. So, a little more challenging. Now for those of you waiting patiently to become fathers, imagine approaching this seemingly simple task with a baby cradled in one arm who for no apparent reason suddenly starts screaming full blast just three inches from your face. Challenging isn’t even close.

My advice to you is to take a day where you use just one arm, and perhaps tie down your more confident side as that will be reserved for keeping your little one held firmly. This will get you used to approaching things differently and even help to prepare for what could be.

Big Daddy

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