Preparing for the Big Day

Pregnancy is the easy bit, right? For the man that is, before any mums out there slap me round the face. What I mean is, in comparison to what the expectant mother has been going through for the past 9 months; complete change of lifestyle, mood swings, extreme emotional turbulence, weight gain (in the most beautiful way of course) and shape shifting to name but a few, we, as the fathers (to be), have had it relatively easy.

We have been the helping hand, the shoulder to cry on, the punchbag when necessary, but overall the father’s to be are pretty limited when it comes to the actual pregnancy.

“As you are woken in the middle of the night with a subdued cry or ‘I think it might be happening…’, things are about to go into overdrive.”

You can however, do your best to prepare for the whole event, sign up to NCT classes if you can, or attend the free sessions at your hospital, and read up as much as you can if your mates aren’t exactly the forthcoming open type. (Being told ‘It’s SH*T’) by one of mine wasn’t exactly helpful or inspiring…

I found a couple of books that we helpful as well as entertaining – ‘Fatherhood The Truth’ by Marcus Berkmann and ‘Pregnancy for Men: The Whole Nine Months’ by  Mark Woods.

As you are woken in the middle of the night with a subdued cry or ‘I think it might be happening…’, things are about to go into overdrive. You’ve packed the hospital bag, well, you know where it has been left for you, and you’ve gone over countless times of how this moment will be, but with a jolt, panic sets in and you don’t know what to do first. Do I help my partner, What should I wear, did I charge my phone, is the car fuelled, should I put the bins out… It all get’s very confusing.

In reality, especially with your first, it doesn’t tend to happen as dramatically as you see in the movies. The first stages of labour (as we learnt in our extremely useful NCT classes) can last a long, long time, so you can at least try to remain calm and collected whilst the enormity of whats about to happen slowly hits home. If you are freaked out, try not to show it, and just try to imagine what your partner is feeling, she needs you and this is where the dad’s come in to their own.

Above all else, the hospital bag should be primed and ready for action. By primed I mean the obvious (click here for our list of what we recommend to include), and apparel for mum. A small bag for yourself is also  advisable. Prepare for every eventuality as you may be a long way from home, for who knows how long. One very important eventuality is a lack of food and drink at the hospital. It’s imperative that mum is kept nourished as she’ll be going through probably the most traumatic experience of her life, so cram as much as you can into that bag. Make sure there is enough for two as you’ll need feeding too. You need to be alert, and ready to help in the smallest possible way you can which could be soaking up a torrent of abuse, or gently mopping her brow for hours accompanied by soothing words of encouragement. It may be that you are having every bone in your hand broken as  every contraction hits, but that will still be nothing compared to what she is going through so you just take it like a man. You certainly don’t want to risk passing out in a crucial moment due to a blood sugar drop (believe me I know, but that’s a WHOLE other story) so it’s vital you are physically and mentally ready for the most amazing experience of your life.

Remember your Boy Scout motto and you will be absolutely fine.

Big Daddy

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