10 Great Gifts For New Dads

When your baby does finally arrive, you will find many a time where a situation you once took for granted, now seem to be like mirages in a desert. Help a New Dad out or treat yourself by getting  prepared for all situations with some of our gift recommendations.

1. Swatting Up

Truth about fatherhood











Knowing what you’re dealing with is essential, so help a New Dad swat up on what will be both his greatest achievement and challenge. Fatherhood The Truth by Marcus Berkmann is a very good read. Delivered in a very amusing manner this book will surely be well thumbed before and during fatherhood.

2. Takeaway Vouchers

If you’re left in sole charge of junior, when you get hungry, speed is of the essence. There is no longer time to pamper over the perfect sandwich,  or rustle up a beautiful spanish omelette whenever you want. You will invariably be tired and with junior in one arm kitchen implements become a little risky and prepping a big dinner is out of the question. So, pick up the phone. hungryhouse.co.uk/giftvoucher. Simple.

3. A Personalised Momento

For those moments when you are away from your new son or daughter, you may get all sentimental and need something to focus on. If you are in to your bling, some personalised men’s jewellery could be  just the ticket. Notonthehighstreet.com has some great ideas!

4. Comedy Outfit for Junior

This is brilliant fun at just a little expense of junior. Dress them up, take some snaps and call upon them years down the line to suitably embarrass your little one. Try NEXT for the gift that keeps on giving.

5. A Masculine Nappy Bag

Would you feel more confident proudly strolling down the high street with your new baby with a pink flowery bag or a sleek and manly bag hanging over the back of the pushchair? This is a great gift for any New Dad to be, as they will invariably forget and end up with Mum’s choice… Mama & Papas have a pretty decent range.

6. A Decent SLR Camera

You will find yourself snapping at every available opportunity and within the first fortnight you will have more photos than you know what to do with, so it makes sense for them to be great quality. You’ll find some great deals on Digital SLR’s on Amazon.co.uk.

7. A Personalised Photobook

You’ll want to organise these photos into some sort of order so why not create a sleek photobook. Photobox.com offers some great deals on professionally finished collections of memories and is quick and easy to create.

8. A Short Break from it All

This sounds selfish, but why not. A night out (not an actual short break) with the lads for example. Your life has been completely turned on it’s head and you are now a proud father, so why not go out and brag to your mates over a pint of two. (Always check with the Missus on this one…)

9. A Good Coffee Machine

Krups red coffee machine








The Krups UMat Red is perfect. Compact, stylish and quickly delivers the perfect cup. Delicious. Essential. If the New Dad in mind already has the machine, keep him stocked up with an order of capsules.

10. DVD Box Set

In the first 2 weeks when you are getting to grips with being responsible for a very young life ,there will be times when you are simply unable to move. Take this example: slouched on the sofa (at any hour of day or night) with junior cutely sleeping across your chest making it impossible for you to get up without waking him, you will need something to occupy your time and this is where the box set really comes into it’s own. Breaking Bad worked for me – just make sure you have the remote within reach. And water. And food. And your phone. Believe me, it matters! Amazon is a great place to start.

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