November 23, 2016

Here we have our thoughts and experiences laid out in front of you. Time to grab a cuppa if at home with junior or settle into the weekday commute and enjoy.

Magical Musical Storytelling Inspiring Children To Follow Their Dreams

2022-10-28 08:04:40 admin
Musical audio stories with Anna Christina at MCM London Comic Con

One of London's top Storytellers, Anna Christina, is not like any other you may have come across. Her career began as a professional Ballet dancer, performing on some of the largest Opera House stages, in front of the Royal Family, she told stories with movement. She then decided to front her own rock band, performing in famous London venues and using her voice to tell stories. Music played a big part in her upbringing and this led her to become a Sound Engineer, Producer and Composer. Soon, she was telling stories through music.

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A Modern Midwife’s Mission

2017-09-09 05:06:34 admin
Marie-Louise Hurworth  Senior Midwife & Maternity Educator As a child I had an intense fascination as to how a woman could grow a person inside her. By aged 15 I knew that I wanted to help mothers and after exams, applications and intense interviews I was ecstatic to gain a place at the University Of Greenwich to become a midwife. I turned 18 in July and was on delivery suite making my dream come true by October.
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The Single Parent Endurance Athlete

2017-05-08 12:42:27 admin
Swim Run Verdon As most non-professional athletes will agree, finding time to train effectively can be a challenge by itself. You have to work of course, family time is important, and without some semblance of a social life you would probably go insane. Now, add into the mix a little one too and you've now got a real juggling act to maintain.
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Successful Parental Relationship after Separation

2017-03-29 13:22:39 admin
parents arguing in front of child A challenging topic to broach, I know, but I would like to take the opportunity to share my experiences to hopefully help any of you out there in a difficult situation. To begin with, there was no shady situations that caused the family to break apart, but that by no means meant that we weren't both incredibly upset with so many questions bouncing about in our heads as to what happened and the effect it may have on Junior.
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Alternative career paths for new dads

2017-03-08 11:05:57 admin
Dad with son and daughter
Featured post
The first few weeks after your newborn arrives are some of the most hectic you’ll ever experience. Visits from Health Visitors, family and friends, early hour feedings and baby bonding will leave you with little time to think about much else.
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A Dad's Guide to an Infant's Foot Development

2017-01-17 09:54:28 admin
dad-holding-baby-feet In the first few months after your baby is born, their cute, pudgy little feet will mainly be for attracting comments about how adorable they are. However, when your child begins to become more mobile through crawling and walking, their feet take on a much more important role in their development. That’s why it's important to be aware of the signs of healthy growth so you can address any issues quickly so that they can enjoy a life free of any foot problems.
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Gift ideas for Dads

2016-11-23 12:04:11 admin
Santa reading a list With Christmas fast approaching, now is the perfect time to get ahead of the game and plant some gift ideas into the mind of your partner and family. Knowing how difficult us men are to buy gifts for because we have everything we need, this should help to make it a lot easier, and you could always put something under the tree for yourself from Santa...
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Choosing A Primary School

2016-09-23 08:33:30 admin
primary school child A monumental step for your child and a huge decision for you as a parent, but there's no need to panic. All schools will hold open days from September onwards, so this is your chance to have a good nose around, and ask as many questions as you can. This is very important as the school may very well be the best in the area, but is it the right one for you child?
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Road Trip with Baby

2015-08-28 12:30:05 admin
Les Carroz Our daughter was just 8 months old when we embarked upon our first epic journey that would challenge us both mentally and physically. A road trip that would take us across rich and inviting tundra, breathtaking landscapes, and engage us with the indigenous communities in their native tongue.
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Music Audio Stories

2015-03-10 14:31:23 admin
Music Audio Stories

Introducing Music Audio Stories!

Music Audio Stories are creating exciting audio stories that are inspiring children all over the world.
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