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storytime with Anna Christina

Musical Storytelling Inspiring Children To Follow Their Dreams

Anna Christina became an award-winning storyteller when she created her own unique fun interactive musical storytime called, 'Storytime with Anna Christina'. She has entertained and taught thousands of children, performing at one of Londons largest events, MCM London Comic Con, Sunday 30th October! read on...

blocked sink

Canal Toys Launches Anti-Bacterial Slime

This unique product, the first of its kind in the market offers a breakthrough in child's hand sanitising. Throughout 2020 you’ve seen a greater focus on hygiene than ever before, children have been encouraged in school, at home and when they are out to regularly hand sanitise. read on...

blocked sink

How To Unblock A Pivot / Swivel Sink Stopper

Dear dads, pretty bad when you get a blocked sink right? Worse still when you don’t think you have the tools or plumability to get it sorted yourself without dismantling the entire thing. Well, before you do, READ THIS, to save yourself a lot of time, money and bother. read on...

endurance athlete swimming in lake

The Single Parent Endurance Athlete

As most non-professional athletes will agree, finding time to train effectively can be a challenge by itself. You have to work of course, family time is important, and without some semblance of a social life you would probably go on...

parents arguing in front of child

Successful Parental Relationship after Separation

A challenging topic to broach, I know, but I would like to take the opportunity to share my experiences to hopefully help any of you out there in a difficult situation. To begin with, there was no shady situations that caused the family to break apart, on...

baby routine

When Do I Start a Routine?

You will come across many different opinions when talking about 'routines' for a baby, but I have to say, we implemented one very early on and whether it is a total utter fluke or not, it has definitely worked for us, and we have a 7-7 sleeper as a result...when to start a routine

dad with son and daughter

Alternative career paths for new dads


The first few weeks after your newborn arrives are some of the most hectic you’ll ever experience. Visits from Health Visitors, family and friends, early hour feedings and baby bonding will leave you with little time to think about much else.Find your career

dad holding baby feet

A Dad's Guide to an Infant's Foot Development

In the first few months after your baby is born, their cute, pudgy little feet will mainly be for attracting comments about how adorable they are. However, when your child begins to become more mobile through crawling and walking, their feet take on a much more important role in their development.Find out more

Primary School Child

Choosing A Primary School

A monumental step for your child and a huge decision for you as a parent, but there's no need to panic. All schools will hold open days from September onwards, so this is your chance to have a good nose around, and ask as many questions as you can. This is very important as the school may very well be the best in the area, but is it the right one for you child?Find out more

Parent asleep beside baby

Dealing with Tiredness and Sleep Deprivation with a Baby

You've never fully understood the true value of sleep until it has largely been removed from your life. Dealing with a new baby requires you to considerably adjust your entire life with Junior at it's core. You need to be razor sharp to ensure that you are able to give her the best possible care, ensure the safety of the environment in which she will ...Find out more

toddler potty training rewards book

The Perils of Potty Training

We've reached that dreaded milestone in Junior's life where the nappies are off! It's potty training time... Remarkably liberating for the budding naturist to be running around naked. Toddlers love it, and, it has to be said, a cost saving on less nappies being required. There is an unavoidable and unpleasant flip side to this of course.Find out more

Les Carroz Mountains

Road Trip with Baby

Our daughter was just 8 months old when we embarked upon our first epic journey that would challenge us both mentally and physically. A road trip that would take us across rich and inviting tundra, breathtaking landscapes, and engage us with the indigenous communities in their native tongue.Follow our journey

Baby crawling on the floor

Choosing a Nursery

Something that completely escaped our attention until after Junior's birth was choosing a nursery, and although late to this particular party, we got very lucky, finding a wonderful nursery that suites Junior very well.Choosing a Nursery

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